Code Review Services

Northern Sky Consultancy our experts in our field and as such we are in a position to offer you full code review and rewrite services in the following languages:

  • VB.Net
  • C#.Net
  • T-SQL

Project Management

Northern Sky Consultancy have fully project managed a large number of projects we have worked on and all have been successfully delivered on time and on budget. While we do not offer project management as a service on it its own, we our able to project manage any development project we undertake.

All projects begin with the production of PID (Project initiation document) and we provide fully project plans on how we plan on progressing with your development.

Technical Specification Review Service

Northern Sky Consultancy can fully review any technician specification you provide. We can identify any short comings in your design, things you might not of considered or make suggestions on how to improve your design.

We will provide you a full review document with our suggestions.